Punk Heathcliff

3D Character Design

 Punk Heathcliff (2021)
3D Character Design
Pixologic Zbrush, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Substance Painter

 Design and model a character for a new adaption of the public domain listed literature: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.
To make a twist on Wuthering Heights as a video game, I am taking Wuthering Heights from  1800s Yorkshire to 1980’s London. The game follows Heathcliff, a rough-around-the-edges punk who has the one consuming desire to take revenge on the establishment that ostracised him as a child, the largest and influential family business in London- Wuthering Heights, owned by the Earnshaw's (Cathy’s family) and the Linton's (The family she married into). 
Through gaining influence among the underground punk scene, leading riots and rebellions with more than one fistfight, Heathcliff must destroy Wuthering Heights Inc. and the lives of those associated. 
For his physical appearance, I paid attention to the literary description of Heathcliff in the novel. He is described as large in stature with a lowered brow and dark hair and complexion, it is suspected he is of Romani heritage although this is not confirmed. So I gave him tanned skin with black hair and dark eyes. He has a very masculine face with a wide jaw and prominent nose.  He has Sid Vicious style hair and padlock necklace as well as a safety pin through his earlobe. He is wearing an adaptation of Vivienne Westwood’s famous anarchist’s shirt but the armband that usually says “chaos” now says “revenge.” I gave him the famous tartan trousers and a straight jacket style harness that shows off his Cathy tattoo over his chest. The straight jacket straps are also relevant to Heathcliff’s psychological state. And of course, he is wearing Dr martens to finish the look. 
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